Already as a teen I was very enthusiastic about photography and  I considered  for many years to become a photographer. Although I have been engaged for decades very seriously in my scientific work, I never forgot photography and had always close contacts to artists and had been involved in several art projects. In the last years, photography became again a focal point of my life. Besides my commercial activity as exclusive photographer at,  I am increasingly active in many areas of "free" photography, see e.g. Fotobiennale Achern, May 2016IT'S ABOUT TIME, Landgericht Baden-Baden, 07/13-09/01  2016kaplus50 Karlsruhe.



Book publication 99,99% and more, 2009,


Documentation of Artist Collective Projects

1986-1993 in the former industrial site of the

IWKA in Karlsruhe, Germany, the current

location of the ZKM l Center for Art and Media



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